Smokers Encouraged to Quit Smoking for a Month in Stoptober

From October 1st, the UK’s eight million smokers will be encouraged to quit smoking tobacco for a full 28 days, as part of a scheme known as Stoptober. It is the first time the state government has enforced a widespread campaign in a bid to convince inhabitants to kick the smoking habit. The scheme was unveiled this week by the Department of Health and has been backed by the British Heart Foundation and Cancer Research UK.

Among the new tactics that are set to be spread out to encourage people to throw their tobacco products for a month are an every day messaging service, a series of television and radio promotions and roadshows around the UK. Jean King, director of smoking control at Cancer Research UK, declared that breaking the nicotine addiction can be the most difficult step so campaigns such as Stoptober are so critical.

‘Smoking accounts for one in four cancer deaths and approximately a fifth of all cancer cases so it’s vital that work continues to support smokers to quit,’ she added.

Those who plan to quit smoking for the 28-day period are argued to be five times more likely to never return to it, investigation on the subject suggests.