New Look for Cigarettes Stores

Images of huffing, puffing, blowing will soon end as Manawatu businesses are requested to restore their tobacco displays. Amendments to the Smoke-Free Environments Act mean all shops, including dairies, petrol stations and smoking stores, are prohibited from displaying cigarettes images. From July 22, all smoking product displays will become unlawful and tobacco retailers will not be permitted to trade under a name that suggests they sell them.

The new act, was enforced on July 14 last year, and it gives smoke-free environment officers the opportunity to issue fines from $1000 to $10,000 to tobacco businesses caught displaying tobacco products.

The legislation changes have obliged Palmerston North business owner Richard Green to change the name of his tobacco shops, in Main St and Rangitikei St in Palmerston North, and also in Whanganui.

The Discount Tobacconist, as Mr. Green’s stores were now known, have been renamed the Butt Bucket. He is permitted to keep the name of Discount Tobacconist, but cannot advertise smoking products.

Disappointed by the new law change, Mr Green told that tobacconists should be able to differentiate themselves from other dealers.